Dr. Ticora recognized as one of 20 Black American National Security and Foreign Policy Next Generation Leaders

Dr. Ticora V. Jones is the Director for the Center for Development Research (CDR) in the U.S. Global Development Lab of USAID, an organization designed to focus on generating and using research for development. Please read about the ResilientAfrica Network’s (RAN) affiliation to the U.S. Global Development Lab of USAID, Dr. Ticora Jones and the USAID Team on www.ranlab.org. In her role at the U.S. Development Lab, Dr. Ticora serves as an architect, leader, and manager of multiple high-functioning project and program teams designed to bring together regional and global innovation ecosystems to advance global problem solving in health, agriculture, and energy with an emphasis on youth engagement and country self-reliance. Dr.Ticora is a creative problem solver that leverages physical science, management expertise, and diverse skills in strategy development, legislative affairs, budget formulation, and operations specific to the integration of science, technology, innovation, and partnership for enhanced social value. Prior to joining USAID, she served as the 2008-09 Materials Societies Congressional Fellow for Senator Russell D. Feingold (D-WI) where she worked on energy and environmental issues. Learn more about Ticora here, and connect with her on Linkedin and Twitter.

Details about this recognition are shared on https://www.newamerica.org/better-life-lab/articles/2020-black-american-national-security-foreign-policy-next-generation-leaders/

In congratulating Dr. Ticora, some of the RAN Team in Leadership and Staff had this to say; 

‘Congratulations Dr. Ticora, this is a well-deserved recognition, we all celebrate you’, Prof. William Bazeyo, RAN Chief of Party and Acting Vice Chancellor In-Charge of Finance and Administration at Makerere University. 

‘Congratulations to Dr. Ticora for this achievement. We continue to be inspired by her leadership, commitment and innovative programs, which she executes with exuberant dynamism. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from her’-Dr. Roy William Mayega Deputy Chief of Party, RAN.

‘Congratulations Dr. Ticora for the well-deserved recognition. You are a champion in rallying Universities through HESN to make significant contribution in Research and innovations. We are proud to associate with you and the entire Team at CDR’-Nathan Tumuhamye, RAN Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab. 

‘Amazing!! We are blessed and so proud to be affiliated to you Dr. Ticora. You are a force to be reckoned with! Congratulations!!!’-Natasha Kassami, RAN Community Liaison Officer.  

Dr. Ticora! ‘Congrats!!!!!!!! We are indeed blessed to be affiliated to you and your team. Stay safe’-Christine Muhumuza, RAN Research Manager. 

‘Dr. Ticora, my sincerest congratulations to you and good to hear that you are well, as we are here! Indeed we are blessed to be working with you and your team at CDR’-Dr. Julius Ssentongo RAN Program Coordinator. 

Congratulations Dr. Ticora, ‘we are all very proud of you and always wish you the very best’-Harriet Adong, RAN Director Communications and Knowledge Management.

Upon receipt of our congratulatory messages via email, Dr. Ticora too shared saying; ‘Thank you so much for your encouragement, support, and most of all your work as a team! It has been quite the ride and this recognition has been such a gift to remind me of how much I value the work we have been able to do together.  It brings my heart joy knowing that I have been a (very) small part of your resounding success. Wishing you safety and health’. 

We, the RAN family are more than privileged to have had the opportunity of closely working under the leadership of and with Dr. Ticora, it is through her creativeness that we have been able to thrive in all our endeavors/efforts to provide solutions through innovation. Thank you Dr. Ticrora Jones and we all wish you the very best always.