The cornerstone of academic excellence and knowledge creation lies with university faculty, and at RAN we acknowledge the critical role that faculty play in identifying science and technology based solutions to development challenges as well as applying scientific, evidence-based approaches for evaluating the effectiveness of developed solutions.

Further, faculty play a critical role in spotting and nurturing student talent, and are thus critical for the success of RAN’s university engagement.

RAN is open to working with faculty with research expertise and experience in problem solving around our themes of focus. We envisage working closely with faculty who can rally, guide and mentor multi-disciplinary teams of student innovators.

RAN, with the support of Stanford University is availing a massively open online course on resilience innovations that can enrich university teaching and learning, and should be of interest to faculty as well as students with an interest in this area.

If you are a faculty member from any of RAN’s network universities and wish to learn more on how you can get involved, please fill out this faculty contact form and we shall contact you.