We are so grateful to share about an opportunity we leveraged engaging with a team from Oxfam International. We (Grace Nakibaala, Pedal Tap Innovation Lead and Timothy Kayondo Lead Innovator on the Water Purification Innovation) were invited to take part in a physical engagement with Oxfam International. Our engagement was guided by the theme: Shaping the Agenda for Oxfam’s WASH Leadership in the HECA region. The engagementtook place in Arua, West Nile region of Uganda from Monday 12th to Friday 16th March 2018. It also involved an exhibition in which we fully participated in, it was enriching to benefit from an opportunity to verbally yet physically share about our innovations.

Additionally, it was fulfilling to present our innovations, describe how we initially came up with the ideas, how RAN has helped us to incubate, finance, offer mentorship for further growth, among others and how far we have reached and benefitted the targeted communities such as institutions, hospitals, schools, refugee camps, households and business minded people among others. After the presentation, many people were impressed and interested in our innovations, and requested us to further engage and share with them more about what we were doing and how we are doing it.

Some of the feedback PedalTap innovation got was ‘PedalTap is a great innovation, very simple. We can install it at our centers and also use the drums in the communities where we work. The cost of the product is within the WASH budget and it seems to be less than what we spend on an individual water taps that we are currently installing…’a comment from the WASH Workshop participants. One major question was asked on whether for the water drums they can just procure the PedalTap and attach it to their water drums in their different locations. This was great feedback for the innovators to share with their engineering team also in preparation for the scaling up the products beyond Uganda.

These innovators also used this opportunity to present to the team working towards maintaining and restoring required Public Health measures during the breakout sessions sharing broadly about their work thus far and the work of RAN especially in incubating such innovations. They highlighted the role their innovations would play in improving the public health of the communities in which OXFAM International operates. They shared the journey of their innovations and what next which was to ask OXFAM to join them as they rolled-out the products. This OXFAM can do by purchasing the products for their WASH programmes. It was also at this event when the PedalTap Lead extended an invitation to the OXFAM International Country Director and OXFAM’s WASH Coordinator to its product launch witnessed on March 21st, 2018. We hope that OXFAM can become our partner in having the PedalTap out in the communities. ‘We also hope that the OXFAM team can become our ambassadors to other NGOs in the WASH sector with whom they work so we can further scale this innovation’ noted Grace Nakibaala.

Ronald Kayiwa, RAN Innovation Officer also shared a brief about RAN. He highlighted that RAN as an innovation incubation and acceleration lab, is currently established in 20 Universities in 13 African countries serving to take the universities to the communities for improved livelihood. He also re-echoed the importance of these innovations in impacting the communities. He highlighted that there are more innovations within RAN that are impacting communities and that OXFAM could tap into the same to better their services.  He asked OXFAM to visit the RAN offices for a broader engagement on innovations noting that details about RAN are shared on www.ranlab.org.

‘OXFAM is more interested in young/youth with potentially trans-formative ideas and innovations that bring positive impact to our communities, I request all of you, the WASH Team to visit the exhibition stalls and share more with these innovators. OXFAM International supports such innovations, and we look forward to sharing with you details about other opportunities at OXFAM. Please remember to leave behind your contact details’ shared Parvin Ngala, Regional Technical Advisor, WASH Nairobi, Kenya.

‘A big thank you to the entire RAN Team, for whatever you do/have done for us the innovators, the water purification system would not have been developed this far if it was not for you well-wishers. I am committed to working even harder to coin this innovation among others in the Ugandan market and beyond’ Noted Kayondo.

As shared by Timothy Kayondo, Lead Innovator on the Water Purification System and Grace Nakibaala, Lead Innovator on Pedal Tap.