On Thursday May 31, 2018, part of the RAN team met with Leo Henghes, Director, United Social Ventures (http://www.unitedsocialventures.org) at the RAN Lab to discuss and plan how best to engage with the 2018 student internship cohort. United Social Ventures is an NGO (No.11853) with the mission to empower youth-led change. They are currently hosting 16 student interns who started their internship on Tuesday June 12, 2018. This internship will run through 12 weeks engaging students from Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Clarke International University, and Nkozi University; all Ugandan institutions which admit and support both national and international students.  These students are pursuing different courses including; Development Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration, Social Work, Social Sciences, Economics, Law, Statistics and ACCA.

To further support student interns, United Social Ventures sought a partnership with the RAN Lab to use the RAN Lab space specifically every Monday for 3-4 hours (9:00 am to 1:00 pm EAT). The RAN Lab and United teams also reviewed the 2018 internship curriculum identifying which sessions to add but also which ones would best be facilitated by either RAN or United Social Ventures. These student interns are being taken through; Building successful Social Entrepreneurship programs, Team Building, Empathy, System Mapping, Ideation and Innovation, Business Modeling, Prototyping, Impact Model, Scaling, Customer Relationships, Pitching, Reporting, Planning, Social Media Marketing, and Partnership Management among others.Specifically, on Tuesday July 31, 2018, Harriet Adong, RAN Communications Manager and Deborah Naatujuna, RAN Engagement Manager trained the interns on Social Media marketing and Partnership Management respectively. It was an opportunity to engage the students on key definitions, 4 Key Considerations for Social Media Marketing, 7 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Checklist and the need for Social Media Marketing for a business, individuals and groups of people in general. It was during the Social Marketing session when the interns also had an opportunity to listen to and later engage Pearl Gahwera,  Head of Communications at 40 Days Over 40 Smiles (4040) http://40daysover40smiles.org/. Pearl shared the 4040 success story mainly and largely leveraging the power of Social Media. While sharing content on Social Media, she emphasized the need for consistency, being clear to the point aimed to be communicated, conciseness where necessary, the power of using clear and action pictures to boost Social Media posts, boosting Social Media posts, the beauty about projecting the smiling faces as opposed to teary or sad individual faces, knowing and defining your Social Media audiences among others. For Partnership Management, the students engaged in further discussing about key partnership related definitions while relating these to actual life scenarios, the need to coin partnerships, how to successfully manage a partnership and identifying key partners to support further development and scaling of  the entrepreneurial solutions currently being worked on among others. It is exciting to note that all sessions were engaging, also embracing the supremacy of question and answer approach to capacity building. The student internship program engaging the 2018 cohort will end in August, 2018, leaving the students to embark on not only pursuing their studies but also putting into use the skills learned.