ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the MKITSs Challenge. We are calling for educational, inspiring Videos, artworks, graphics and photographs through the MKITSs challenge. Thematically, submissions can beaddress any solutions that target addressing community challenges which may include innovative approaches or technological innovations addressing effects of climate change and climate variability manifesting as floods, landslides, drought, disease epidemics including HIV and AIDS, food insecurity, environmental protection, livelihood diversification, financial inclusion, entrepreneurial activities, sustainable development, rapid urbanization and the associated effects, water and sanitation among others and many more areas. Submissions could portray or illustrate innovation, economic potential, cultural wealth, and use of indigenous knowledge in a creative and non-stereotypical way. Individuals/Teams may submit as many photos and videos to either category.

The best 2 winners from each of RAN’s 4 Resilience Innovation Labs will be awarded prizes;

  1. Southern Africa Resilience innovation Lab (Best Video and Photo)
  2. Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab  (Best Video and Photo)
  3. Horn of Africa Resilience Innovation Lab  (Best Video and Photo)
  4. West Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (Best Video and Photo)

To Apply:

Please register and submit your video or  Photo through this link.

The MKITSs challenge has two categories

Category 1: Video Contest

Technical specifications suggestions:

  • Video length: 3 – 5 Minutes.
  • Video size: any size, as long as it fits within the first stipulation.

Submitting the Video:

For simplicity, we suggest you upload this video or multimedia presentation to Vimeo or YouTube and submit the link.  However, we will accept any link which we can access. If your link is password-protected, please share it with us at the time of submission.

Category 2: Photo Contest

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Help us tell the story of your project, your activities and community engagement, your accomplishments in transformingimproving the lives of the population in the communities with a photo.

Photo Requirements: Please send us the highest resolution version of the photo you have.  High quality JPG and JPEG. Picture resolution: should be 2MP [1,600 x 1,200] or better.Photos must each be an original submission. Photos must each include a credit: name of photographer and organizational affiliation (where if applicable). Photos must each include a unique caption, which includes a description of what is going on in the photo, who is involved, where it was taken, and the challenge you are solving. Generally Photos should “tell the story and tell it loud”.

Submitting the photo: For simplicity, submit your photoon the  online registration form.(via the link


The overall winners will receive Prizes and will be highly profiled on RAN’s portals, Partner bulletins and recognized during the Ppublic Awards ceremony to be held in the Makerere University RAN Innovation Lab in Kampala Uganda launch of RAN’s MKITs as documentation and learning tools. Awards will be made to top submissions in the Video and Photo categories. This is an excellent opportunity to get exposure for you and your idea, build support for your project, receive technical feedback, and to practice your documentation skills.

Ran will choose and award winners from the 4 Resilience Innovation Labs’ semi-finalists.

  • Best Video: 1st and prizes, 2ndnd, prizes will be awarded for Best Video.
  • Best Photo: 1st andst , 2ndnd, prizes will be awarded for Best Photograph.


Activity Date
Call is announced August 25, 2016
Call is Closed / Deadline October  14, 2016
Post Contest Workshop to develop in-house MKITs Oct 3, – Oct 6, 2016


RAN has the right to use your video and photograph through print products, on the web, and in social media (including HHESN and USAID sites and platforms). By submitting a video or photograph to this competition you: Declare that you own the video and the photograph or that you have permission to use it. Declare that you have permission to use the visual image of any identifiable individual or building in the photograph. Agree that we will not be responsible for the infringement of any third party rights in the video or photograph, moral or otherwise, that may arise as a result of your actions or omissions and that you indemnify us against all claims, damages and other expenses that may be incurred as a result of your breach of the contest rules.

Contact us

For further inquiry about the MKITS s challenge, reach us at : Please include “MKITSs Challenge” in your subject line and or call on  ​Tel (Office): +256 414 343 597

Further Reading:

Please use the following links to Useful Tools and other Resources for guidance

Brief Overview of RAN

The Resilient Africa Network (RAN) funded by USAID is a partnership targeting 20 universities in 16 African countries. The main agenda of RAN is to strengthen resilience of communities vulnerable to shocks and stresses in Sub-Saharan Africa through university led-local African innovative solutions.  The Network is led by Makerere University, School of Public Health and is one of the eight global development labs under the Higher Education solutions Network (HESN) – The core partners are; Tulane University’s Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA), Stanford University and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); ( RAN constitutes of 4 Resilience Innovation Labs (RILabs) each working with Network plus Universities and focusing on different thematic areas as summarized in the figure below;

MKITS described here


“Solutions through Innovation”