Innovation: Automatic Car Parking System

Innovator: Evarest Ampaire,

The Problem: Increased traffic congestion and limited space for automotives to park. It is evident that the sluggish traffic congestion in Kampala city is partly brought about by uncontrolled parking in the city, limited space for companies earning from parking units in addition to limited parking space in shopping malls and office structures.

Proposed Solution: Is the Automatic car parking system

Automated for faster access and control towards the operation, allowing faster parking with no delays, this system at prototype stage uses hydraulic principles of fluid mechanism and link mechanism powered from Dc mains to supply current to the induction motors. It comprises of 3 induction motors, hydraulic systems, gearing, chains and belts with pulleys.

Uniqueness: It is automated for faster access and control in its operation allowing faster parking with no delays and innovators intend to make use of both the underground and air space too.


  • There is need to clearly articulate the niche for this innovation since such systems are already being implemented in some cities.
  • The system could not be deployed in already existing structures since it requires prior planning for space.
  • The innovator was advised to think about the business model for the innovation.
  • He was also advised to check out for opportunities on the global innovation exchange platform focusing on smart cities.
  • The innovator also needed to explore a possibility to put together avaluable team engaging the different necessary disciplines to further develop and scale the innovation.

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