During mid October 2017, for three days of the week starting October 17-19, 2017, three RAN team members including; Harriet Adong; RAN Communications Manager, Dr. Dorothy  Okello; Director Innovations and Deborah Naatujuna; Engagement Manager were privileged to actively participate in an annual hands-on Excellence in Corporate Management training. This training was held at the Kampala Serena Hotel and facilitated by faculty from ABACUS Business School. Topical issues covered included; the Science of Expertise, Being Great at What you Do, Getting Results in the Face of Competition, Introduction to Big Data and Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things and Getting you to the Top among others.  It was an engaging session bringing together 20 participants from Banking Institutions, the NGO world, projects and Government. ‘The small number of participants during such training sessions, allows facilitators an opportunity to engage individual participants for better knowledge generation and sharing. I would recommend other colleagues and friends too for the training’ noted Harriet Adong, RAN Communications Manager and 2017 training beneficiary.

In relation to the ABACUS Business School Team‘s belief, the purpose of this workshop was to enable participants to become better leaders, who creatively and actively contribute to the success of the different organizations where they serve. To this end, the ABACUS team shared that they are always looking for ways in which they can work with several organizations and individuals too to channel out more wholesome leaders.