Have you ever taken your clothes to a tailor or even attempted to mend or tailor them yourself?

Paul Omare, a mechanical engineering diploma holder, studied the mechanism of sewing machines and discovered that he could manipulate the system to have only a single thread wrought into a stitch. Sewing, also called tailoring or stitching is simply the process of fastening two pieces of material together either using a fiber or a thread with the aid of a needle.

Today most people sew their clothes with the help of the sewing machine. Most machines are made to use two threads to form a stitch which makes the stitch difficult or cumbersome to undo in case of errors. However with the use of only one thread, being suggested in Paul’s innovative idea, it is very easy to untie/undo in case of need to correct an error while still getting effective and preferred sowing done. This proposed sewing machine is also manually handled which gives an opportunity for those with disabilities especially on their legs to be able to use it.  Paul also hopes that this innovation can be used as a means to curb unemployment in Uganda in addition to technically inspiring other upcoming youths to innovate in order to positively change the situation in the communities in which we live.

In addition, this sewing machine is also cost effective since the materials used to make it are cheap and locally readily available.  The total cost of the proposed solution in a sewing machine totals up to only 100,000 Uganda Shillings.  During this session, Paul received enormous feedback and responded to diverse questions presenting him the rich opportunity to further develop this improved sewing machine.

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