“Congratulations Bob Biryabarema and Team for winning in this prestigious HESN contest!”

‘The capacity of students from Makerere University cannot be underestimated’ shared Harriet Adong, RAN Communications Manager.

Bob Biryabarema a young creative Ugandan is a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate from Makerere University in Kampala Uganda. He is also an innovator at Makerere University School of Public Health-Resilient Africa Network (RAN) www.ranlab.org.

With a lot of passion for agriculture, the leading source of livelihood in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa-Bob’s country, Bob and his colleagues from Makerere University College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) and some others from Gulu University in Northern Uganda pursuing Agricultural mechanics found out that climate is largely affecting food production and greatly impacting on the local farmers’ livelihood in Uganda. This team of multidisciplinary innovators designed the Pedal Water Pump to help farmers offer irrigation and provide clean drinking water thus also reducing energy costs involved in striving to access water and managing the related challenges.

One time, during the Final Year projects showcase at CEDAT, the product (Pedal Water Pump) was also showcased and Bob used his telephone to take a picture of the final product to be further shared widely with people who were not present at the showcase. This is the picture which has won in the HESN 2017 Photo Contest!

‘I am particularly indebted to ResilientAfrica Network for all the support ever since I joined their 2016 Student Internship Program. It is at RAN where we learnt hands-on about the Human Centered Design approach, opening my abilities  to develop and design the Pedal Water Pump. Mentor-ship and capacity building are key life aspects’ shared a smiling Bob.

This is yet another win, read about the 2016 winners on http://www.ranlab.org/ran-hesn-photo-contest-winners’.