Apply to TechCon 2016_s Innovation Marketplace by May 31
Are you a student or young innovator with a novel technology, product, service, or research project that could transform global development? 
Participate in the TechCon Innovation Marketplace for a chance to win financial and mentorship support for your project! 
The Innovation Marketplace, hosted by USAID and MIT, is a competition showcasing the talent of students and young innovators (age 18 – 30) who are using science, technology, innovation and partnerships to tackle global challenges.
The Innovation Marketplace will take place in mid-November on MIT’s campus, which is located in the Boston area, as a feature of HESN’s TechCon 2016. Throughout the course of the competition, individuals or teams of young innovators such as students, young professionals, or postdoctoral researchers will have the opportunity to gain exposure, build support for their innovative product or research, receive technical feedback, and practice their pitching skills. All accepted applicants will be invited to attend TechCon, and the final round of winners from each category will receive financial and/or mentorship support.
Ready to submit your innovation? Read the guidelines and get started on your application today! All applications are due by May 31.
Please direct your questions to techcon@usaid.govNote that USAID cannot cover travel expenses for participants at this time.
Call for Session Proposals due June 24
Additionally, you’re invited to submit proposals for sessions that will engage participants in discussion, spark provocative debate, and encourage hands-on learning at TechCon 2016 along our conference themes:
  • Enabling Innovation and Building Innovation Ecosystems
  • Measuring Impact and Generating Evidence
  • Producing Actionable Research
  • Creating Next Generation Practitioners and Partnerships
Proposals to present at TechCon must be submitted here by 5:00 PM EST June 24, 2016. Learn more about the call for submissions here.
Spotlight on Innovation Marketplace 2014 Winner

Sisu Global Health – 1st Place
Gillian Henker, Katherine Kirsch, Carolyn Yarina
Sisu Global Health, a for-profit social enterprise, created The Hemafause, a manual auto-transfusion device used to re-transfuse a patient’s own blood during an internal hemorrhage and seeks to replace the common method of a soup ladle and gauze presently used to filter blood for auto-transfusion in many developing countries.
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