As it was written by Godfrey Manga for the DHO Adjumani Hospital. 

Dear Grace and Makumbi,

Happy Labor Day! Hope all is well at Epitent/Makerere University School of Public Health.

Please find attached the above letter. We are grateful to the entire team at Epitent for the Epitents installed at Adjumani hospital and Ayiri HC III. The one in the hospital is currently used as our COVID-19 case management unit. The single confirmed case of the disease was successfully managed from within the tent.

Please extend our sincere appreciation to the entire team at Epitent, most importantly to Prof Bazeyo.


In solidarity against COVID-19 through EpiTents.

Manga Godfrey   

For DHO Adjumani

Manga Godfrey Ilemaiya

MPH (MUK), Post Grad Diplomas-M&E (UMI), PPM (Gulu), BEHS (MUK)
Assistant District Health Officer – Environmental Health
Focal Person UNHCR Public Health Integration Project
Adjumani District Local Government
P. O. Box 2 Adjumani, Uganda.
Tel: +256776530764/+256753530764

Appreciation for EPITENT 2020 pdf (1)