The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) Innovation Fireplace provides an opportunity for hopeful innovators and creative thinkers to interface with successful entrepreneurs, experienced doers and movers, high level speakers, managers of top brands, among others. The sessions are designed to inspire, educate and update participants on the latest trends in business, project operations, community needs and how these affect the growth and success of projects, businesses and ventures.

For the month of April, the traditional fireplace goes digital! This week’s episode of the fireplace will be guided by the theme ‘Innovation towards ending the Gender Based Violence Pandemic’. Amidst the current global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), it has been noted that another pandemic, one that has existed for centuries, still persists and is even thriving amidst the enforced movement restrictions. For this pandemic’s unfortunate sufferers, the plea to ‘stay home’ could be far more detrimental to their health and well-being.

This RAN Innovation Fireplace presents the opportunity to engage with the team behind ‘Centres4Her’, a digital application supported by the ResilientAfrica Network through funding from UN Women. We hear how their innovation is helping to link women and girls who experience violence to various support services including sexual reproductive health services in Uganda and learn about what more still needs to be done.

Follow the link to register and get the call in details to join the discussion via Zoom!

Invite a friend, spouse, relative, sister, brother, auntie, uncle etc to be part of this session.