The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) * Innovation Fireplace provides an opportunity for hopeful innovators and creative thinkers to interface with successful entrepreneurs, experienced doers and movers, high level speakers, managers of top brands, among others. The sessions are designed to inspire, educate and update participants on the latest trends in business, project operations, community needs and how these affect the growth and success of projects, businesses and ventures.

To jumpstart your May, we host Doreen Lukandwa the Head of Marketing and Customer Success at Beyonic- a leading technology company that aims to eliminate the rampant use of cash in emerging markets by simplifying the deployment and management of 2-way mobile payments. In our conversation guided by the theme, ‘ Cashless Transactions – the Future is already here!*’, we discuss a reality, which many predicted would happen and one we are currently living, where the seamless and transparent digital movement of cash is required for organizations, businesses and communities to stay afloat. We also address all your questions on making the transition to operating as a ‘cashless’ entity.

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