The SafeBangle Bracelet: A Guardian Angel for Women’s Safety and Empowerment

“Congratulations SafeBangle Technologies team upon your win at the Datafest Vizquest competition” noted Dr. Roy William Mayega, RAN Deputy Chief of Party

SafeBangle Technologies, a groundbreaking company dedicated to designing and developing wearable safety tools for women, emerged winner of the prestigious DataFest Vizquest competition organized by Pollicy. The competition run for one month to prepare the 10 teams with exceptional data visualization and storytelling skills. All teams showcased innovative approaches and solutions centered on addressing gender-related issues through data visualization with the aim of achieving gender equality under the following themes: Gender Pay Gap, Violence against Women, Women’s Representation in Leadership and lastly Education and Access to Opportunities.

This article explores the transformative journey of SafeBangle Technologies, highlighting remarkable achievements at the competition and showcasing how the revolutionary solution, the ‘SafeBangle bracelet,’ is empowering women and promoting their safety.

Founded in 2018, SafeBangle Technologies envisions a world where women can pursue their dreams without fear, feeling safe, empowered, and confident. The company aims to provide innovative solutions that comprehensively address the challenges women face in their everyday lives. By harnessing the power of technology, SafeBangle empowers women to take control of their safety and live fearlessly.

SafeBangle’s Winning Pitch at DataFest VizQuest: Illuminating a Paradigm Shift in Women’s Safety

The DataFest VizQuest competition, organized by Pollicy, celebrates the transformative power of data visualization in driving social change. Amongst a pool of top-notch teams, SafeBangle stood out with their exceptional skills and expertise in storytelling and data visualization. They impressed both the judges and the captivated audience with their data-driven storytelling focused on violence against women. By drawing on insights from the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2016 (UDHS, 2016) report, which can be accessed here, SafeBangle shed light on various dimensions of the problem and initiated a conversation that engaged almost all stakeholders in the room. Their pitch highlighted the vulnerability of young women, regional disparities in violence prevalence, and the resilience of divorced, separated, or widowed women, emphasizing the need for targeted solutions to further make these people’s lives better and worth living in addition to the need to support their endeavors.

Saul Kabali, Co-founder and Chief Operations Lead (COL) at SafeBangle Technologies presenting their groundbreaking project shedding light on violence against women, sharing key insights with reference to the UDHS 2016 report during DataFest VizQuest finalist competition.


The Solution: SafeBangle Bracelet

This bracelet revolutionizes the fight against violence against women by providing discreet and reliable safety features for prompt unnoticeable reporting. By so doing, it empowers women and brings them peace of mind. With advanced tracking capabilities, real-time emergency alerts, and a robust community support system, the SafeBangle bracelet enables women to navigate their lives more confidently. Its camouflage design options and built-in emergency alert system discreetly ensure immediate help can be called for in threatening situations. Additionally, the bracelet connects women to a network of trusted contacts, local authorities, and helplines, enhancing their safety and well-being.

Trying out the SafeBangle Bracelet with one of the potential end users in one of the Ugandan communities.

“The additional safety confidence this bangle brings to me is unexplainable. Thank you so much team Safebangle for this innovation, together we can address and curb violence against women” said one of the potential end users of the bracelet.

The Impact of SafeBangle’s Work: Empowering Women and Shaping a Safer Future

The impact of SafeBangle’s work extends beyond the individual level, contributing to a larger societal shift. By providing women with a reliable safety device, SafeBangle empowers them to pursue their dreams, actively participate in activities in their community, and become advocates for change. The transformative potential of SafeBangle’s technology goes beyond the surface, inspiring women to reclaim their agency and live life on their own. SafeBangle Technologies’ success at the DataFest VizQuest competition is yet another testimony that we are following through the right steps and moving towards the right direction of our journey” said Saul Kabali, COL SafeBangle Technologies. This groundbreaking technology has already gained recognition for its ability to revolutionize women’s safety. As the SafeBangle team continues to refine and expand its offerings, it possesses the power to shape a future where women can confidently navigate their lives, free from the constant fear of violence.


The team of innovators working to develop the SafeBangle Bracelet have continued to receive unwavering support and funding from prestigious partners including Makerere University – ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) Lab, Response Innovation Lab – Save the Children International, United Social Ventures, UN Women, and Digital Human Rights Lab to develop, test, iterate, and scale this innovation. Their collective efforts and dedication have been instrumental in bringing SafeBangle Technologies’ vision to life.

With each SafeBangle Bracelet priced at UGX 140,000, we are committed to making safety accessible to all. Our ingenious wearable safety tool comes equipped with features like instant reporting, location tracking, discreet design, and a user-friendly interface, redefining the boundaries of self-protection. Join us in making the world a safer place for women and girls. Explore the limitless possibilities that SafeBangle provides by visiting our website and requesting a demo today and now.

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Join the SafeBangle Technologies efforts and be part of the ongoing revolution in women’s safety. Visit the SafeBangle website here, to learn more about our work, explore the features of the SafeBangle bracelet, and order your own. Together, let us create a world where every woman can thrive, fearlessly pursuing her dreams while feeling safe and secure.

Written by:  Saul Kabali. Co-founder and Chief Operations Lead at SafeBangle Technologies (U) Limited.

Contributor/Editor: Harriet Adong, Director Communications and Knowledge Management at Makerere University – ResilientAfrica Network (RAN).