I am directed by Prof. William Bazeyo, the RAN Chief of Party to share this uplifting news, Dr. Roy William Mayega, RAN Deputy Chief of Party noted while sharing a direct quote from: https://www.pressportal.co.za/health-and-medicine/story/16566/cmsas-historic-election-of-dr-flavia-senkubuge-as-president.html):

Dr. Flavia Senkubuge, a specialist in Public Health Medicine, global public health advocate has been elected President of the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA). Her election is historic in so many ways as she is first black woman and only the third woman in the CMSA’s 64 years to hold the position. She is also the youngest president ever of the CMSA and the first specialist in public health medicine to hold the position”.

Dr. Senkubuge is one of RAN’s Senior Faculty representatives and Alternate-RILab Director at the Southern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (SA RILab), University of Pretoria, where she is also Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Health Systems at the School of Public Health.

“Thank you Dr. Senkubuge for continuously holding our flag high and we wish you all the best in your endeavors shared Prof. William Bazeyo who is also Makerere University’s Vice Chancellor In-Charge of Finance and Administration.

Congratulations to Dr. Senkubuge and to our colleagues in the SA-RILab.

Dr. Flavia Senkubuge engaging at the RAN Partners Forum