On May 14th May 2018, it was with great pleasure that I handed over the Eco-water purifier system (Water purification system) to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Health Center IV in Kisenyi one of the suburbs in Kampala. The Eco-water purifier is now serving more than 300 people daily. These people are mainly seeking treatment and management    wwof HIV/AIDs.

While at this event, Mr. Richard Mutabazi, Officer Directorate of Public Health, KCCA said “I congratulate you innovators upon reaching this great milestone, and also thank Makerere University School of Public, ResilientAfrica Network for supporting such innovations that are registering such positive impact peoples’ lives. First was PedalTap, now the Eco-water purifier which is also going to help such a big number of people. These are great achievements, thank you and please keep innovating. Mr. Edison, Administrator, KCCA Health Center IV Kisenyi also noted that “This is a great achievement and as an administrator here, am happy to receive such an innovation, this is the right timing because we receive more than 600 people every day seeking treatment and management for HIV/AIDs, T.B, antenatal care and circumcision among other services. We are so happy for this creativity. Thank you Innovators and Makerere University School of Public, Resilient Africa Network for the support”.

“On behalf of the innovator team, I would like to thank the entire RAN team for the great continuous support, May God Bless you! We have also started the process of registering our company (70%) engaging with Aqua methods Uganda, an institution which deals in all water related problems. We are committed to remaining creative in all operations” shared Timothy Kayondo, Lead Innovator for the Eco-water purifier system.

In attendance at this event were a few patients seeking health care and Vincent DePaul Nyuma, Software Engineer also supporting the innovators further build and develop their projects.

Get an Eco-Water Purifier System and details about this innovation from Timothy Kayondo, Lead Innovator on email tkayondo21446@gmail.com .