David Omara Writes;

The K-Pluz Media team would love to appreciate the entire RAN team, right from the Chief of Party down to the cleaner for such wonderful care and support offered to us as innovators or upcoming entrepreneurs during the three months incubation period. It was such a very great eye-opening experience for the K-Pluz Media Team.  We harvested a lot of knowledge on how to run our organization and manage to stay afloat amidst the challenges and competitiveness during this digital era.  We developed connections with other successful innovators (who also motivated us) from across the country, and most of all, we evolved into an internationally focused innovation project. To this effect, we must come back and say THANK YOU RAN! Just like in Luke 17:11-19, we could not afford not to give thanks because of the odds against us yet you, especially Deborah Naatujuna, who then served as the Engagement Manager at RAN gave for us special attention.

Our growth is as a result of the active and beneficial collaboration between the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and the RAN Innovation Incubation Lab. We would also love to thank the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance for opening for us a platform to develop our innovations. We would love to see our dream of making our dear fellow Ugandans sell their goods and services to the rest of East Africa minus the effects of language barrier realized. This opportunity also awoke the pan African bit in us; presented in the BONGA App with which we are working to make it a store for all African languages with emphasis on Swahili as the mother language. This is due to the rapid evolution of the many African languages, with others already on the brink of extinction. We are looking at the BONGA App winning awards directed towards its further development in the near future.

Another thank you to United Social Ventures; Leo and Abid for instantly connecting with the rest of innovators.

Our motto, PASUA PAZIA (break the barrier) has indeed started with us from RAN; and we plan to reciprocate it to the rest of the world. And indeed, this is not a farewell message or the end, but rather the start of a new beginning. We would love to carry RAN’s flag high from here on!

Thank you. 

Fred Omara

  1. K-Pluz Media Center, Email: omarafrd@gmail.com