The RAN Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab was joined by the RAN Secretariat for a one day Deliberative Polling (DP) writing workshop at the Resort Beach Hotel Garuga Hotel on April 29, 2015. The conducive environment at the shores of Lake Victoria aided discussions and deliberations centered around principles of Scientific writing: key parameters on the agenda included; Aspirations on Deliberative Polling (DP) data including Possible Manuscripts from the DP data, Writing and presenting Results, Introduction and Background in paper writing, Methods as the most important section in a manuscript, Outline of the discussion, Authorship guidelines and roles of each author. Dr. Roy William Mayega, RAN Deputy Chief of Party emphasized “An author must significantly contribute to the manuscript, unless he/she is offered gift authorship”. The highly energized team also highlighted and shared the way forward and strategies for speeding up the writing process including agreed upon timelines, allocating each possible area of writing to a lead author, recognizing the first team to submit the article in a peer reviewed journal and have their paper published among others. At the end of the one day workshop, out of the nine identified possible papers from the DP data, three were in draft form. It was agreed that in six months’ time, all these should have been submitted for publication and some published as one of the greatest achievements to the network. “Once you carry out community consultations or research, it is important that you further immediately document data collected to inform policy but also share with the communities earlier consulted. This promotes continuous learning at all levels and enhances knowledge sharing among others” Prof. Lynn Atuyambe, lead Consultant of this exercise.


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