The RAN Innovation Garage is on-Friday August 28, 2016 3:00 pm to 6:00pm EAT


Makerere University School of Public Health – ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) is pleased to invite you to the Monthly Innovation Garage on Friday 28th August 3:00pm – 6:00pm. This month we shall focus on one of the Innovations under incubation in the EA RI Lab;


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RAPID Solar Dryer (Rapid Agricultural Produce Indirect Dryer) – This is an improved solar drying Technology that will change current farmer reliance on direct sun-light for drying of produce in rural low income settings. The technology will make agricultural produce drying more efficient for different types of produce, reducing losses, aflatoxin contamination and drag. Specific areas regarding the solar dryer for this Garage session include:

– imparting a unique component in the dryer

– Ideas feeding into the design of a larger/bigger prototype for bulk produce
– security of the large prototype


About the Innovation Garage @ RAN:


Focused on Innovation as a cornerstone and key transformational element for development, The Innovation Garage guided by the Theme “Catalyzing Engineering Solutions” is well positioned to assist Innovators refine their ideas. This is accomplished through a partnership with the Innovation Consortium group, a powerful combination of experienced Engineers with Practical experience, human and technology based ​Networks. The Innovation Garage which is hosted monthly (Every last Friday of the Month) at the EA RILab is a great platform for Innovators to build and get quick fixes of their projects collaboratively with very creative and brave individuals. The Innovation Garage is supporting local Talent to come forth with Local Engineering solutions for our community challenges.


Are you a Telecom Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Architect, Social Scientist, Student, Research Scholar, Fine Artist …..? Come and be part of a group of radical Innovators in our Innovation space to build something, or fix something, where some cool ideas and rough prototypes get their first sparks. Participants will be equipped with knowledge and unique skills including insights, advanced technology concepts, tools, and skilling, on how to push the reset button that reinvents and re-calibrates an existing product or service portfolio. The Innovation Garage embraces multi-disciplinary Teams; this is an opportunity to start thinking about your own projects that you can build to create positive change in communities. See stories of the past Garage sessions on this link;


We look forward to your participation this month.


Please Feel free to invite a colleague or friend by forwarding this invitation to them