The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN), School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences (CHS), Makerere University is pleased to invite you to apply for its first Resilience Innovation Challenge 4 Adverse Climate Effects (RIC4ACE) Call For Applications

The RIC4ACE focus is to strengthen resilience of target communities by building their capacity to improve production, to take more control of the agricultural value chain, and to diversify to profitable enterprises, in ways that are environmentally sustainable.

The Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab identifies and will fund projects in two-priority intervention pathways for resilience building around climate variability/climate change related shocks and stresses:

Intervention Pathway 1: ZUKUSA! Disrupt agricultural practices and markets for resilience

Intervention Pathway 2: I CAN – Empower me to thrive!

GRANT AMOUNT: Grants will be awarded in Phases; Phase 1(US$ 15,000 to US$ 45,000), Phase 2 (US$ 50,000 to US$ 100,000) and Phase 3 (US$ 100,000 to US$ 200,000)

Please visit for details on the call and to apply.

Downloads and Essential Attachments: