On Thursday Thursday 17 August 2017, the RAN www.ranlab.org team joined the Matibabu http://matibabu.thinkitlimited.com/ innovator team in an engagement with the team from Villgro Kenya http://villgrokenya.or.ke/  to articulate a scaling plan for Matibabu focusing mainly on; Clinical trials (ethics and financial concerns), Business modeling (customer segmentation) and Product Launch. The team also came up with new milestones that either teams have to work on so as to fast track the product launch of the masticope. These milestones were then aligned with the budget breakdown for the USD 50000 Villgro Kenya Investment into the Matibabu Innovation Project. Looking forward to realizing the Matibabu-noninvasive malaria diagnosis toolkit launched not only in the Ugandan market but also internationally.