As shared by Brian Gitta and Joshua Businge-Innovators on the Matibabu Team

TechCon 2013 Innovation Marketplace provided the Matibabu team with a platform to promote our product and services to a broader group that may have had little or no knowledge about Matibabu (non-invasive malaria diagnosis app).

The engagement at the Marketplace also allowed us to closely network with other professionals in the industry. The connections we made during this period helped us get different views in regards to the usage and further development of the Matibabu diagnosis tool. These insights helped us to continuously improve the product during the prototyping process.

Pitching is a key attribute to communicating a project, an innovation or even innovative idea and further leveraging additional funding or venture capital from the audience and well-wishers among others. Additionally, it is also rich learning how to position your product before investors in the shortest time, this is a resource from the Innovation Marketplace where everyone is busy pitching what he or she believes will be a Global Game Changer. These aspects have continued to help us obtain funding throughout the Innovation journey as well as build individual team members pitching and public speaking skills. We used the Innovation Marketplace award to further develop the Matibabu diagnosis tool kit. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to yet another of the kind given that Innovation is a process, it takes commitment, continuously gathering of knowledge/insights (Needfinding), support among others to hit the market with the product-Watch the market for the Matibabu Tool Kit.