Course Title: Effective Research Project Management for Low-income Country Higher Education Institutions. This is an online short course that provides a guided exploration of issues as participants learn semi-independently. Course participants will undertake this course together with a cohort of peers, whose profiles will be shared on the learning platform. We are happy to have you register to take on the course and we are highly hopeful that it is a worthwhile learning experience. 

Why this course?

The course is in response to the growing need for Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) Higher Education Institutions to substantially increase their involvement in quality research that informs development. Researchers in Higher Education Institutions need skills in research project management among researchers/research groups to enable them solicit for research funding using best practices in research proposal writing, and to manage these projects and deliver the intended research outputs using sound management principles. This will enable researchers to produce high-quality research deliverables from their projects and to increase accountability for research projects. 

The general aim of this course is to increase the management capacity for research and innovations in low- and middle-income Higher Education Institutions, with a view to increasing their capacity to attract funding, and to manage projects in a way that enhances results and accountability. Once again, thank you for expressing interest to take on the course. 

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