On Tuesday July 31st, 2018, part of the RAN team joined in listening and providing feedback to an innovator working on a solution code named ‘Life Pool’. This innovator is Matovu Zaid Murisho, a first year medical student at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and surgery. 

The Problem

The problem which this innovator is aiming at addressing is scarcity of special health centers for chronic diseases and the fatalities resulting from gaps in the health care referral system.

Proposed Solution

‘Life-pool’; an envisaged platform with modules aimed at improving medical care for patients with chronic diseases, emergence cases while easing referrals. During his pitch, the innovator also demonstrated how the platform could improve the effectiveness of the Ambulance system during emergency cases, Patient-Doctor communication, Doctor-Doctor communication, Hospital-hospital networking, including all possible ways of extending health awareness to all the different communities. 

Some of the feedback given

  • The innovator needed to review his presentation because it was long and dwelt more on the problem domain.
  • He also needs to incorporate images in his presentation to break the monotony of text.
  • There is also need to carry out a background search/check on what is already being done in relation to addressing such challenges so that the innovators build on the existing other than re-inventing the wheel.
  • The innovator needs to focus on a particular dimension in his problem statement, he should choose to start with addressing challenges related to either chronic diseases, emergency, referral system or lack of community awareness about health care services. It is almost impossible to address all the challenges at the initial go but other components can be co-opted moving forward especially after the onset of the innovation project.
  • The innovator also needs to do a thorough literature review so as to back up the problem with statistics.
  • Overtime, the innovator also needs to establish a team to closely work with leveraging from the expertise which can be brought in by several other relevant disciplines.

‘Listening and engaging with Zaid, I saw a young man who is passionate about creating positive impact in the communities. How  nice if all or even majority of the youth were this passionate about creating change in the communities, Uganda and the globe would surely be a better place to be’ noted Harriet Adong, RAN Communications Manager. Even during the question, answer and feedback session, Zaid remained as calm but strongly responding in support of his creativeness.  

‘The best way to grow is not by stealing your colleagues, friends or relatives’ idea but by understanding that proposed idea, identifying the gaps it has not addressed and tasking your mind to creatively think of the best ways to fill the identified existing gaps. This promotes innovation’ shared Prof. William Bazeyo, RAN Chief of Party.

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