‘The best people to critique your potentially innovative idea are those who are not technically skilled in the field you are innovating in because they share feedback from the users’ perspective’ shared Engineer Ronald Kayiwa, RAN Innovations Officer.

In yet another interactive Pitch Tuesday session during the afternoon of Tuesday July 17, 2018, the RAN team quickly and happily embraced an opportunity to further support innovators working on the “FAMUNERA” solution.  Details about this solution are shared below;

What does Famunera do?    

  1. Listing products or services for agribusinesses; the agribusinesses can list all their agro products or services with their images, descriptions, prices and other relevant information on famunera.comin order to be easily accessible by the potential buyers when they search for the items.
  2. Digital advertising for agribusinesses; the agribusinesses can book advertisement spaces where different advertisement banners are displayed on all the pages of famunera.com and linked to either the agribusiness website pages or listed items on famunera.comor any other online platforms in order to drive potential customers there.

The RAN team after listening to this Pitch, shared some advice with the innovators summarized below;  

  1. There is need to clearly articulate what is unique with FAMUNERA compared to the prevalent similar solutions like Agro-market day and M-Omulimisa among others.
  2. The innovator could not verify the number of farmers who have so far engaged with the FAMUNERA platform because these farmers self-registered themselves. He was advised to consider registering these farmers through ground village agents to avert the fear that anyone can claim to be a farmer, access and register him or herself on the platform yet they are not farmers.
  3. Besides the numbers regarding farmers registered so far, there is need to have numbers on how the business has been evolving since 2014. This too, the innovator needed to pay attention to.

We are all looking forward to further supporting these innovators among others towards realizing their creativeness for the benefit of all communities in need. ‘It is us, I mean all of us, who have the actual and best solutions to the different community challenges, let us quickly get innovatively working towards realizing our creativeness for the benefit of those in need’ once shared Dr. Roy William Mayega, RAN Deputy Chief of Party. Dr. Mayega also highly commends all efforts towards listening to, advising and generally supporting innovators at the RAN Lab and beyond noting that nurturing those who are interested and have the right attitude through the development and growth ladders is one of the ways experts can be meaningful to society.

Register for a Pitch Tuesday session on http://www.ranlab.org/pitch-tuesday and garner constructive feedback from a diverse, multidisciplinary, highly skilled and experienced team put together by the RAN Lab. This team aims at further supporting creative minds to come up with transformative innovative solutions to address various community challenges and in so doing, livelihoods are largely improved. Do you want to join in the Pitch Tuesday session as an advisor, mentor or coach, please write to us expressing your interest via info@ranlab.org.