The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) Innovation Fireplace provides an opportunity for hopeful innovators and creative thinkers to interface with successful entrepreneurs, experienced doers and movers, high level speakers, managers of top brands, among others. Our sessions are designed to inspire, educate and update participants on the latest trends in business, project operations, community needs and how these affect the growth and success of projects, businesses and ventures.

Join our discussion again (Via Zoom), on Monday 18th May, 2020, for the fourth Episode of the Innovation fireplace. Our discussion this time will focus on “Re-skilling and Creating New Value in an ‘Open’ World”. The current global pandemic has caused several organizations and modern businesses to re-think their mode of operation and left several others behind in times BC (Before Corona). Although according to our next fireplace speaker, Edgar Kasenene, ‘the operating environment had already shifted and all COVID-19 did was pull the trigger’. During this episode of the fireplace, we discuss how the world, aided by internet and technology, has ‘opened up’ and how we as business owners, employees and innovators ought to think, create and function in this ‘new’ world order.

You are all most welcome to yet another thought-provoking discussion that will challenge you towards becoming the ‘transformative leader’ and ‘disruptive thinker’ you were created to be.

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