Warm Greetings,

Innovation is defined by driving new behaviors, outperforming the norm, value creation, value addition and system transformation.

Innovation can also be described as the amazing intersection between someone’s imagination and the reality in which they live in.

The Innovation Garage is back again this month on Friday September  29, 2017 at the East African RAN Lab, Plot 28, Upper Terrace Kololo, 4:00pm EAT

The Innovation Garage guided by the Theme “Catalyzing Engineering Solutions” is a platform that is well positioned to assist innovators refine their ideas by enabling them to build and get quick fixes of their projects collaboratively with very creative and brave individuals.  

We would like to see technologies developed in Africa being launched on the global market and through these monthly sessions we hope to support local solutions that will transcend nations.

The agreement in this garage session as with previous garage sessions is that each one of us comes with a friend, relative or colleague, preferably a female so that we all contribute towards involving more females in science, technology and innovation.

!9th Innovation Garage