The Goats Value Chain for Prosperity (G4P) is one of the Southern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (SA RILab) innovation projects implemented in Dikgale Community of Limpopo Province in South Africa by RAEIN-Africa. The project falls under the Resilience Innovation Challenge for Food Security and Improved Income Generation (RIC4FIG) pathway 2 (Diversify local economy for resilience).
The problem addressed
One of the few Dikgale community’s resilience strategies is small livestock rearing. In South African rural areas indigenous goat breeds are mainly available. These have low kidding rates, short lactation periods and low milk productivity. In addition, communities have limited infrastructure and skills to process goat milk into other products.

The intervention
The project seeks to develop a profitable goat value chain involving;ww goat and milk production, cheese processing and goat milk and cheese advertising and marketing business in Digkale community. The project activities seek to address challenges associated with limited opportunities for income generation in the local economy, low incomes for rural smallholder farmers and food insecurity. Primary beneficiaries will be the communal goat producers willing to run small to medium scale milk production, processing and marketing enterprises.

The project will have positive impact on several fronts: Technical- will increase goat and milk productivity. Financially –increased incomes from the value addition to goat products. Socially – improved social capital. Organizationally – the establishment of public, private partnerships; Economically–the increased use of goat milk reduces vulnerabilities to diseases and increases food security improving nutrition outcomes (e.g. low stunting) and reduces poverty.

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