On Tuesday the 19th of June 2018, RAN hosted two innovators who pitched their ideas having registered for this opportunity online http://www.ranlab.org/pitch-tuesday. Pitch Tuesday sessions are open to all students, faculty and the community at large. ‘We even conduct some Pitch Tuesday sessions in a preferred local language! That is how much the multidisciplinary team at RAN Lab is flexible to society needs’ noted Harriet Adong, RAN Communications Manager. Express your interest to benefit from the Pitch Tuesday sessions via the RAN Website www.ranlab.org or write us an email on info@ranlab.org and we will surely be at your service. It is exciting to note that through support from the Pitch Tuesday sessions, the RAN Lab working closely with the innovators, have realized and launched to the market some potentially transformative innovative solutions including the Pedal Tap, Winnowing Maize thresher, RAPID Solar Dryer, Solar Irrigation Pump among others. It is during the Pitch Tuesday sessions when the RAN team sometimes joined by other experts flesh out the pitched idea, sharing in-depth comments/feedback in an effort to inform further development of the proposed solution.

One of the ideas pitched on June 19th is code named Mama Blood App which was presented by, Joseph Kimbugwe the Lead Innovator. Joseph is a graduate of Software Engineering from Makerere University in Kampala Uganda.  Joseph and his team of innovators are trying to creatively think towards addressing the challenge of there being no electronic system to monitor blood logistical flow in Uganda. ‘The key question we are trying to answer is how do we save lives of expectant mothers and the newly born babies through readily having ample amount of blood in case of need?’ noted Joseph. During such sessions, innovators and or creative thinkers receive real time constructive feedback directed towards supporting the further development of their proposed solutions, along the path, these innovators can also be linked to mentors, coaches, important and key disciplines for the growth and development of their solutions, potential funders among others.  Innovators are also cautioned about the importance of gathering user experience and expectations in order to fully understand for example what Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS) actually needs so as to innovate around providing that need. Joseph is on email address kimbugwejoseph91@gmail.com.

During this Pitch Tuesday session, the RAN team was also privileged to physically engage with and offer creative guidance to Emmanuel Mbaine and team. Emmanuel is an innovator from Mitooma district of Uganda. These innovators are working to develop Mbaine Systems, a locally fabricated customized home monitoring system that can be commanded by dialing function specific phone codes. Additionally, Emmanuel and team will further gain from re-sharing this potentially transformative solution during one of the monthly innovation garage sessions so that their innovation is refined by the Engineers on this forum. The Innovation Garage sessions are involving but also a real hands on experience which takes place at the RAN Lab every last Friday of the month. What an effective way to spend a Friday evening? Emmanuel can be reached to on mbaineemmanuel6@gmail.com.

On Tuesday June 26, 2018, another innovator Julius Bataire from the Social Innovation Academy in Kampala Uganda had the opportunity to share his idea with a multidisciplinary team at the RAN Lab. Julius and team are working on an innovation code named Pearl Farm which aims at connecting farmers to capital investors for better market earnings and improved household income leading to enhanced community development. Even if the different innovator teams are working on different proposed solutions and pitched them at different times, largely, the comments or feedback shared with Joseph and team apply to Emmanuel’s team too. Julius can be reached on juliusbataire2014@gmail.com.