On behalf of the innovators working on the Water Purification system, I would like to thank the entire RAN team for  all the support being given to us in an effort to further develop this innovation. Working closely with the RAN team has given us an opportunity  to  further grow as individuals  with creative minds. It is through RAN that we have attained  mentorship, financial support and been able to  network with a multidisciplinary community of experts both nationally and internationally. We would not have reached where we are, if it was not  for the RAN support, thank you RAN team!

It is  also exciting to share the good news that our project was certified by Uganda ‘s National Water and Sewerage Cooperation basing on the quality of the water produced which satisfied the national standards. We are committed to innovating up to the last mile as we together positively impact the communities.

The Water Purification System is an innovative project providing safe, clean pure water free from all contaminants to urban, and rural areas. It also provides an alternative source of chemical free water while treating contaminated water ready for consumption.

As told by Timothy Kayondo, the Lead Team Innovator.